Feedback on using Max Protection + Program Filtering Beta

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Feedback on using Max Protection + Program Filtering Beta

Postby WatchinIt » Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:37 am

Here's some feedback for FoolishIT folks, in case they check this forum.

I downloaded the current free version of CryptoPrevent [v7.4.11 1/5/2015], and tried the beta Maximum Protection & Program Filtering option. It installed fine, however, when I rebooted [Win 7 Pro 64 bit], and the desktop reappeared, whatever item was the focus started fluttering (blinking on and off rapidly). I tried this several times, rebooting and opening folders, programs, the web. CryptoPrevent was using nearly all the system resources. I safe booted, uninstalled CryptoPrevent, and reinstalled with the default options. Now all is well. I'll try the Maximum Protection & Program Filtering again when v7.4.2 is available.

Thanks for helping keep us safe!

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