CryptoPrevent does not work if c:\Users is a junction

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CryptoPrevent does not work if c:\Users is a junction

Postby jmosey » Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:54 pm

I set all user's systems to use a junction for the c:\Users folder pointing to another partition for safety's sake. I also the utility "JunctionBox" to create all the normal "hidden" junctions used by Win7 to emulate lower level OSs. Crypto prevent works perfectly on a new install. It does not work after moving the users folder with the sequence: "Robocopy /copyall /Mir /xj c:\Users d:\Users" // "rmdir /s /q c:\Users" // "mklink /j c:\Users d:\Users". It also does not work after running the freeware utility "JunctionBox" which re-creates all the normal win7 junctions in the newly re-located location.

I've got several hundred clients that would love to use CryptoPrevent but cannot at the moment. Please let me know how to get around this problem.
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