New customer service portal for d7II and dSupportSuite

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New customer service portal for d7II and dSupportSuite

Postby Nick » Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:28 am

TO: All d7II and dSupportSuite and business/tech customers ONLY:

Many who frequent these forums may or may not know, at Foolish IT we do 99% of our support via email. Starting late last year we piped all of this into a ticket system, so as business expanded we can have multiple 'agents' to service queued tickets, to reduce the possibility of 'dropping balls' so to speak.

Since the rise of the ticket system with a queue and priorities, these public message forums don't really fit anywhere in the system, and they get neglected. Additionally, the challenges of supporting both free and paid users in a public forum leave a lot to be desired. For this reason we are retiring these forums for any sort of 'official' or paid support for our products.

We're not closing these forums entirely, they will remain for public users and community led support, which is mostly what they have been all along. Update 6-20-15: The d7II and dSupportSuite specific forums are locked from new topics, and replies to existing topics will be closed on July 31st, 2015 however they will remain here for public reference.


To resolve some of the challenges we're facing with different support interfaces, we have migrated to a newer ticket system which has its own 'customer service portal' and message forum community.

The new customer service portal and community is only for our business/tech customers, which is intended to provide product support for all d7II, dSupportSuite, and also CryptoPrevent Bulk/Resale Edition customers.

With any luck, all existing d7II and dSupportSuite subscribers/owners should have received an invitation to access the new portal for support.

The invitation will allow you to create your own account, where you can:

  • create/manage/view status/update your support tickets
  • view tickets from others at your organization (other "contacts" on your account)
  • view/access our support phone number for voice support
  • view/manage tickets you created by emailing us
  • chat (text) with an available agent in real-time
  • participate in a message forum/community where you may post and interact with other customers for community driven self help

That is the great thing for us is, that all tickets created via the portal, all emails we get to the system, and even all message forum posts will create a ticket in our queue (or attach to an existing ticket.) The new ticket system even aggregates our social media posts from Facebook and Twitter and creates tickets from those in our system as well. We shouldn't miss a beat now...

If you have NOT received a portal invitation to create your account, please sign up here:
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